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We partner with you from initial concept to commercial delivery, transforming performance and creating opportunity.

Our unique Original Equipment Design & Manufacture (OEDM) service model was created to meet fast-changing customer needs in the automation age.

OEDM is a major breakthrough. It is specifically designed to help companies that are new to or moving into the design and manufacture of automation solutions.

Its standout feature is how it drives commercial collaboration right from the start, integrating technologies and resources to a shared purpose.

The customer retains full brand & IP ownership while maximising the value of external specialist capabilities along the product design, development and manufacture journey.

OEDM: Our business model

Market Exclusivity:

You are our customer and our partner. We don’t develop or make anything that competes with any of our ongoing customers’ projects.

  • We have 2-way market exclusivity with you.
  • This aligns us both to your product being a commercial success.

Collaborative Development:

Original Equipment Design and Manufacture, or OEDM defines how we collaborate with you in delivery of your product.

  • We all have clear and well defined roles, so we’re all focussed on the success of your product.
  • Exclusivity and clear IP ownership are well understood.

IP Creation:

While we design and manufacture your product, the IP in it is yours.

  • You retain and control all Intellectual Property that makes your product unique.

Testing & Validation:

Your product must be safe and legally compliant to appropriate national and international regulations to be successful.

  • Testing and validation is integrated throughout the process of developing your product, from early concept right through to manufacture.
  • It is critical to identify issues as early as possible to prevent serious problems at later stages.

Tech Integration:

We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. We believe in technology that can deliver sustainable competitive advantage.

  • We research extensively to identify the right technology for your product.
  • Only solutions that can be relied upon to deliver value can make the cut.

Supply Chain:

We actively create strategic relationships with our supply partners whilst always searching for the best people in the world for each and every part we need.

  • We attract a wide range of global industry leading providers into our network because we add value to their business with our collaborative model.
  • This allows us unrivalled access to their technical and commercial support.

Factory Acceptance Testing:

We comprehensively test your product to make sure it conforms to the performance and safety expectations of its design. This culminates in Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for each and every machine.

  • We work with you to devise the FAT for your product.
  • Our manufacturing teams optimise the testing process – the results can reveal opportunities to improve the way your product is manufactured.

Our OEDM model is designed to meet your needs. It is a flexible business model to fit around you and your product requirements. Our end to end customer service works in one process to take your product seamlessly from initial concept to full commercial delivery.