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Navigating the new product development journey to bring your new Strategic Machine to life



In mainstream product design consultancy, manufacturing or engineering businesses, the principal of project management is well understood. But in our world things are very different. We bring products to life which have never been designed and manufactured before. And we do this for people who have never been on this journey before either.


So instead we talk about “navigation” 

We navigate you through a process of clarifying commercial goals, identifying technologies that can provide potential solutions, defining the specification of your Strategic Machine (usually a Minimum Viable Launch Product or MVLP), rapid prototyping, pilot manufacturing and finally, full production.

The shared goals and ambitions we identify at the beginning of the process may well change as things move on. Crucially, we form a close collaboration with you - and often key suppliers too - to combine your domain/market/IP knowledge with our technical and operational know-how in the UK robotics industry to keep our relationship and the project on track to delivery.



Navigator 3

New Strategic Machines bring greater challenges

In the world of New Product Introduction (NPI) - and particularly Strategic Machines - we face far steeper challenges than the mainstream robotics and automation companies. Especially at the start of the journey, where the final destination and route to it aren't generally clear. Also, many of you - our customers - are new to product ownership. Success here will take exceptional technical, operational, commercial and communication skills. Mainstream project management won't come close to delivering for you. 


This product know-how enables us to produce game-changing robotics and automation solutions which disrupt their markets and bring substantial commercial success to you, our customer.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do