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Why Tharsus’ supply chain is different

Tharsus isn’t a typical manufacturing business. We're not a typical automation or robotic company. And we’re not a typical supply chain management department. Tharsus offers customers design through to manufacturing the end product via our OEDM model. For us in supply chain, OEDM means that we get involved in your Strategic Machine's development at an unusually early stage. This has big benefits to you, our customer.



Building a unique and lean supply chain

In essence, a supply chain is the global network of services and products which a product needs to see it from initial idea to production. It takes a huge amount of time and specialist knowledge to build a supply chain. That’s why most manufactures only have one – and they squeeze the needs of the product into it. But at Tharsus, we know your Strategic Machine is unique. We can provide a uniquely tailored and lean supply chain to support it. This adds huge value, both in quality and time, as your Strategic Machine moves seamlessly from design through rapid prototyping and into manufacturing production.

How do we do this?

Coming into the OEDM process early means we get an early heads up on the precise needs of your Strategic Machine. We do this far earlier than a traditional manufacturer. This head start means we have the time we need to search the world through our well-built network of suppliers and partners to tailor the right supply chain for you. 

Robust systems and processes

Our Materials and Operational Planning Team plays a key role here too. The quality data they gather and hold in our state of the art MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) system and our robust materials management system in our warehouse make sure your Strategic Machine gets what it needs, when it needs it.

We make sure your journey is smooth and commercially successful.

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Supply chain 4

Negotiating the right terms with the right people

Once we identify potential suppliers, we use our extensive knowledge across the team to appraise, audit and select the right ones for you. Then we agree contracts and plan delivery with them. From there we design, plan, execute, control and monitor all supply chain activities with you. The absolute aim? Delivering you net value. This is a continuous process. Meaning we’re continuously working on value analysis of the goods and services we supply – driving optimum supply chain performance. It’s a very agile process

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do