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Designing robotic and automated solutions for real world success

The journey through design from idea to manufacture is traditionally a very dangerous one. It’s where a lot of products fail and a lot of money is lost. At Tharsus, we make sure this doesn’t happen to you. We have wide experience working with robotics companies, and with customers seeking autonomous solutions.  From this, we gain a deep understanding of their needs and how we deliver them. We have a unique understanding of what ‘real world’ success needs from design, as well as our OEDM model so we can manufacture your Strategic Machine for you too.  

New product development which will achieve ‘real world’ commercial success throws up a lot of detailed technical challenges, particularly for robotics companies. In product design we solve these for you. The most important part of this process begins before any design. We work with you to get a really thorough understanding of exactly what your Strategic Machine needs to do, in what we call Discovery. From there we build a methodology around how we will design it for you.

Product design working


What not to design

This methodology is robust. We've developed it ourselves and its has been tried and tested over time. At its core is establishing at this early stage what we don’t need to design. To explain. As any product design project moves forward, it’s tempting to get carried away adding features which weren’t part of your thinking at the start. More often than not, these additions aren’t actually crucial to the project’s success. All they do is divert attention away from the ones which are and so put the project in jeopardy. So in deciding what not to design, we keep sharp focus on the crucial bits. And this ensures efficiency of the process and ultimately success for your Strategic Machine.

Project heartbeat

We are your product design consultancy. We set milestones for each project. They set the pace and the heartbeat for it. They bring it to life. Then we keep strong technical direction on it. But while we keep things firmly on track, we don’t become blinkered or allow ourselves to miss or ignore things. Learnings gathered along the way can often enhance your product’s success. Our cross functional teams share ideas and goals and validate each milestone by asking ourselves the simple question: What is this Strategic Machine setting out to do?

Product Design 4

Product Design 3

Your prototype 

Learnings from your prototype will profoundly affect the detail of every step of the delivery journey from here on. It needs to perform well. Our cross disciplinary teams have deep insight in designing and building really effective and rapid prototypes. Once we’ve built it, we work closely with you, rigorously testing it, to get to a detailed design. From there - efficient and effective manufacture.

Your successful strategic machine 

We will be making your Strategic Machine rather than an outside manufacturer. This unique arrangement brings immense benefit. We can work closely with our manufacturing team to agree the DFA (Design For Assembly) work and our DVP (Design Verification Plan) where your prototype is validated for fit, form, function and compliance. Working collaboratively like this we can get your Strategic Machine into production quickly and smoothly. Far more than if you went down the traditional route of working with a UK contract manufacturer. It also ensures a consistently high quality and accuracy of manufacture. And - it follows - ensures and enhances the commercial success of your Strategic Machine.

Product Design 2

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do