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Offering Value Added Manufacturing

We make a lot of different Strategic Machines for a lot of different people in a lot of different sectors. Things we make are used in everything from warehouse automation, to agriculture robots and Formula One technologies. To make sure we deliver this huge diversity while keeping efficiency and quality at premium levels, we devised our own bespoke method of contract manufacturing and testing. We call it Tharsus Value Added Manufacturing.


Factory manufacturing


Your needs come first

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified process starts with the needs of your Strategic Machine. The team devise the precise methodology which will realise these needs. Everything needs to be built in a specific sequence to a specific standard. We do this within our own bespoke product manufacturing cells, which are individually optimised for you. Effectively your own factory within a factory. All documentation for your strategic machine from inspection criteria to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and product passport are unique to you and it.


Tharsus exemplary manufacturing standards

Over time we have developed standards which allow us to optimise your own manufacturing cell quickly and efficiently. These apply to everything in a cell from lighting to ergonomics and product flow, providing a comprehensive guide on how each can be implemented to fit your Strategic Machine and our people who will make it for you.  

Tharsus employee manufacturing Ocado robot

Manufacturing 2


While we have the process and the equipment to do a great job, it’s our people who actually make your Strategic Machine for you. Our induction, training and development process gives each member of the team a thorough knowledge and a foundation of skills which allow them to be highly flexible. We also encourage autonomy. Adding this to flexibility, keeps our people extremely agile and it’s this agility which enables them to solve challenges and bring your new Strategic Machine to life.


Our DNA defines us. At its core is our commitment to continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles. All our people, regardless of the area they work in, contribute ideas which make us even better at what we do for you. We’ve been able to eliminate re-work, reduce cell footprints making them more efficient, and reduce build times by up to 70%.

We are very keen to continuously learn from our process shortcomings. By measuring downtime and determining root cause of non-performance (cost, quality & output) we can continuously improve these critical parameters to better deliver to you.

Manufacturing 4

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do