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Finding the opportunities for success 


The right Strategic Machine will deliver dramatic transformations. In the first step on our journey together we identify what exactly are the opportunities for you and your product to succeed. To do this we’ve developed a five stage process. We call it Discovery.   

  Discovery meeting


Observation & data collection

We run joint workshop sessions with you, talk to key personnel, host site visits and collect operational data. This allows us to understand your market dynamics, current activities, everyone’s relative position in the value chain of the sector, as well as existing transformation plans/projects. We use data analysis too, to validate our findings at this stage.

Strategic considerations

By understanding the broader strategic landscape and taking an independent view of the value chains in which you operate we identify unique ways a Strategic Machine could be commercially viable for you.

Technical assessment

Next we look at technology. Literally, in this phase we work out how we can make your Strategic Machine work. Using past experience as well as our insight into emerging technologies we identify which will work best and how we should apply them. 

Commercial analysis

By now we know what your Strategic Machine needs to do, and we know how it will do it. In this next stage we explore whether it makes commercial sense to take it any further. We start by building an accurate picture of the cost involved in getting into the market vs the likely revenues which will accrue from it.

Discovery 4

Ready for the next step?

Bringing all this work together we take project duration, organisational capability to deliver it and costs and provide a clear roadmap for your journey to ownership of a successful Strategic Machine. You’re ready to move to the next step.

Discovery 3

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do