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What makes your job role special to customers?

We’re very unlike a typical design house. We don’t just design a product and pass it back to you to turn into reality. We work closely with colleagues in supply chain, pilot and manufacturing to ensure our solution morphs with theirs to keep the journey as smooth as possible and ensure your product is the best it possibly can be.  

In design, we solve challenges associated with any product to ensure it is viable. We tailor the right technology to create building blocks to create a useable, viable, certifiable and manufacturable product for you.   

There is a risk of getting carried away in the product design process. Ultimately, we want to design you the best commercial product, not just the best product. We do this by designing the Minimum Viable Launch Product (MVLP). 

This frees time to allow us to gain real insight into your business and market and properly understand how our creative solution can best deliver the competitive advantage your product will achieve for you.  

We’re part of Tharsus integrated process which partners you from idea to delivery. 


What are you aiming for your team to become?

We benchmark ourselves against the best in the world. It’s very tough competition. That means we have to have a strong learning culture in Design. Our scope of knowledge is vast and it grows continually.

This is important for our customers. Whatever your design or product, we have to have the skills and experience to refine it, to ensure we can deliver you a cost effective and simple solution ready for manufacture. Our agile process and vast range of technical expertise mean we can meet you product needs through clear design and innovation to deliver the best commercial product for you and your market.

Our process is designed to deliver what you need when you want it!

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Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do