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What makes your job special to customers?

At Tharsus, we work with you to develop digital technology which generates competitive and commercial advantage for your product and your business. We’re excited to be able to develop advanced machines and robots which rely on data analytics and software to deliver brilliant solutions.

Data and software are powerful tools to solve problems. We work with you to get under the skin of the problem you want to solve. Then we bring an understanding and potential solutions through detailed modelling. Our team of data scientists, mathematicians and software specialists will use their specialist skills in data analytics, machine learning and software to solve your problem and deliver real value back to you.

What are you aiming for your team to become?

We are a team working together to deliver. We know we have different strengths. We lean on each other to produce the best solutions that we can. We are open and honest, delighting in team success.

We love to be creative and to learn. We are developing brand new solutions to tough problems. We think creatively about how to solve these, are comfortable with the unknown and challenge each other to learn every day.

We aim to be the best in the world at delivering digital solutions which deliver strategic business advantage and commercial success back to you.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do