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What makes your area special to customers?

The unique partnership we form with you to make your strategic machine a reality, needs very special people to move it forward. While they need to be technically very talented, they’ve got to have the something more, the something better, which makes them a Tharsus person. We know that people who are ‘good enough’ aren’t for you. It’s Tharsus people who will deliver for you.

Our job, quite simply, is to find them.

In practice it’s more complicated than that.  Our team has huge collective experience and insight in recruitment at all levels. We’ve developed tried and tested processes for finding Tharsus people and instilling in them our culture and values which will guide them to deliver their best for you and your Strategic Machine.


What are you aiming for your team to become?

I feel it’s important that people have a real understanding of the business strategy and values of Tharsus, so they can see directly how they contribute to them.

I want us to be in effect business partners within Tharsus, working on it rather than in it. By which I mean helping the business keep Tharsus people Tharsus people. Because returning to my earlier point, it’s Tharsus people, not good enough people, who will deliver for you.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do