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What makes your job special to customers?

We’re responsible for the projects and programme people who work with you once your project begins. We also look after the business excellence function that is responsible for the TMS (Tharsus Management System). This governs the processes and quality systems we use to ensure we deliver to you in a properly controlled and timely way. 

Typically, you’re new to product ownership. You’ve never developed an idea into a real product before. To best support you we have a system of project management that is significantly different from projects in other industries. Our key words are “collaboration” and “navigation.”

We help you develop commercial and technology strategies that ensure the product we jointly develop will be successful in the marketplace. Our robust TMS helps you develop the disciplines you need to operate and grow.


What are you aiming for your team to deliver?

We’re growing fast and we spend a lot of time deciding on ways of scaling which best serve you. Our main concern is to embed systems and develop learning to create a growing team of expert navigators to support you own growth journey.  

We want to be your trusted collaborator. We will challenge ourselves and strive to do the right thing for you and your product. We will combine your product idea and market insight with our expertise in technology, product design and value added manufacture.   

Together, we will deliver world-beating, disruptive and commercially successful products to market.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do