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What makes your area special to customers?

Our collaboration with Ocado started in 2012. Since then they’ve made a dramatic transformation – from an online grocer to a technology giant experiencing exponential growth.

Using our deep understanding of how Ocado’s business operates, our department works with them to support this growth. We provide a single point of call to them and support a wide range of activities for the ‘bots, including their current production, new product introduction and infrastructure projects.

With some 2800 robots operating in the wild and with the number continuing to rise, this is a huge and exciting challenge

We use The Key - our own proprietary process model - to work with them to identify needs, seek clarity on product and business requirements and effectively deliver to them. 

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What are you aiming for your team to become?

As both Tharsus and Ocado develop in volume and maturity, the overarching aim for the team is to keep up and improve our high level of interaction with Ocado. By this, we will become responsive to their needs and be able to introduce a greater level of control.

I instil in my team our company values: to ‘aim higher, think wider, and work together’. These help shape the behaviours and goals to meet our objectives and our partners objectives.

Our goals to meet our overarching aim are both shared and individual. The team needs to have a clear understanding of how we add value and deliver the changes together. Each member of the team has their targeted individual objectives, all of which feed in to the team goals as well as helping them achieve personal growth and satisfaction. 

As an engaged and empowered team, we will want to deliver more to the customer, and have the ability to do it. 

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do