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Implementing the Tharsus Management System

Gross breaches of quality have been responsible for some of the most infamous disasters of our time. So it isn’t difficult to argue the need for organisations to adopt robust quality management systems. And most do, but they are seldom as robust as they need to be. Or indeed particularly well thought through.

Here at Tharsus we don’t think that’s good enough. So we’ve developed our own approach to quality. We call it the Tharsus Management System or TMS.

Our TMS is uniquely designed to manage, maintain and refine our business strategy, execution, processes, controls and performance to deliver products and services to you with a consistent level of excellence.

Unlike a conventional system, TMS governs all of our activities within the product development strategy, rather than some of them. It’s embedded in our culture and aligned to our business strategy. It isn’t something we refer to. It’s in everything we do for you.

It brings our DNA to life – essentially what makes Tharsus, Tharsus. And that’s about using every day as an opportunity to get better at what we do for you.

At Tharsus we don’t just think about quality. We do it.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do