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What makes the Solutions Architecture team special?

We’re inquisitive generalists and natural collaborators. We live and thrive in a wide and eclectic world of like-minded disruptors.  

Solutions Architecture is the team that explores, creates, defines and then defends the inner essence of the Strategic Machine we create for you. Foremost in our minds?  The need for it to deliver competitive advantage and commercial success back to you. So, disruptive though we may be, we’re also very grounded in the reality of making your Strategic Machine ‘work’

We become the bridge for your great ideas into the business. We become the “voice of your project” inside the business. We’re with you from the beginning. We know each project is different and requires a different approach and support network. So we stay with you though the full development process and whole life cycle. We’re your reference point. Your sounding board. We see you to success.

We are one of the many guardians of what makes Tharsus special. We work hard to keep our curiosity and open minded approach at the forefront of everything we do. All the while balancing this with a pragmatic need to get to something that solves real problems.

We will keep seeking out those kindred spirits who struggle against the constraints of a tight industry vertical and who instead want to understand what is “behind the curtain”. We have a passion to take good ideas to amazing outcomes.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do