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What makes your area special to customers?

Pilot manufacturing is the vital step between design and full manufacture. It’s where we ensure there are no inconsistencies or inefficiencies that could have significant effects on the quality and cost of production of your Strategic Machine.

What makes our pilot special is efficient data resolution. This is data which is passed on to manufacturing to ensure your Strategic Machine is made to a consistent high quality.

By capturing data efficiently, interpreting it accurately, and making sure none is missed, we can avoid the series problems which can plague you once your Strategic Machine goes into production.      

What are you aiming for your team to become?

As a leader, I feel it’s important to give people responsibility and ownership of their own projects because this encourages independent thinking, self-motivation and confidence. This kind of thinking is really important at this stage in the process so we need to encourage it every day. 

I want the team to have a broad knowledge of the pilot manufacturing process, but I also feel it’s vital for everyone to have their own distinct area of expertise. This keeps us agile, providing the knowledge and skill set to adapt to any situation while maintaining a structured operation to meet the ever-changing needs of your project.

As a team, we work together and exchange knowledge so we can achieve the best possible result. It’s this sense of shared goals and shared purpose which really brings our team together. It is also key to the way we work as a business, in close collaboration with you.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do