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What makes your area special to customers?

When you’re bringing a new product to market, the last thing you need is a delay at the manufacturing stage. 

In Materials and Operational Planning our job is to make sure we have in the right amount of parts at the right time to get your new Strategic Machine into production, and keep it there. We also make sure these parts are of the right quality for it to work hard to achieve commercial success for you.

We do this by gathering high quality master data on your product and its manufacturing needs and maintaining it in our state of the art MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) system.   

We have a robust system for material management too. Once materials arrive, they are carefully managed through our extensive warehouse operation. From receipt through to delivery into manufacturing, we keep meticulous records, ensuring parts are ready OTIF, every time, to keep you in production.

All of which helps keep up momentum on your journey to product success.


What are you aiming for your team to become?

Nothing ever stands still in Materials and Operational Planning and we have a dynamic team of people running it striving for continual improvement in what we do for you.

Each member of the team has their own area of expertise. These combine to provide a first-class service. I like to make sure everyone feels empowered in their role, ready to develop the relevant skillsets and adopt the right behaviours to perform effectively. It’s also important they are provided with appropriate tools to do the job.

For you and your product, the team want to develop our knowledge and expertise as well as adopting emerging and best practices. We want to provide a platform where everyone can better themselves and have opportunities for growth.

Working as a motivated team, we can challenge each other and strive for that continual improvement. We will operate with a high level of diligence and control, ensuring we exceed your expectations.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do