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What makes your job special to our customers?

We facilitate the end to end design, development and management of product manufacture to meet your specific cost, quality and delivery criterion.

The ability to professionally design, create and maintain a manufacturing process from end to end (including product specific supply chain) is a major selling attribute for Tharsus and has the potential to become even more important as companies increasingly look to hire professional partners as opposed to building their own expertise.

We add value in the provision of manufacturing services that generate positive revenue for the company and professionally caters for your specific requirements.


What are you aiming for your team to deliver?

I provide leadership to the team to ensure we achieve our current goals, our drive for continuous Improvement of the services we provide and making sure we develop in the manner that befits Tharsus’ Vision, Mission & Values.

In general we want to provide the best service in designing, developing and maintaining products, processes and a supply chain. We do this through the best use of our combined people, skills, experience, knowledge and tools - all with the drive for continuous improvement.

I believe that our customers increasingly want to focus on their core capabilities and therefore want to partner with experts in other fields where they do not add as much value. We have the opportunity to provide expertise, drive, knowledge, experience and commitment in our ability to take products from initial concept through to professional design, then from pilot to full manufacture of best in class manufacturing and supply chain processes, at the same time as optimising cost, quality, delivery and customer service.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do