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Vision, mission, values.

A clear sense of who we are, where we’re going and what we believe in.

Our vision

One day, machines will transform themselves to meet people’s needs.

But until machines make themselves, we’ll be the best Strategic Machine™ maker on the planet.

Our mission

To do the right thing.
If we consistently do the right thing we’ll win our customers’ trust and deliver our Vision.
This mission encompasses all our activities at Tharsus.

We’ll do the right thing for:

  • The Strategic Machines we’re developing
  • Tharsus, our customers and our colleagues
  • Our community and stakeholders

Aim higher. Think wider. Work together.

Our values are real. They guide us in working with customers to design and manufacture Strategic Machines that transform our customers’ business performance.

aim higher

Aim higher

To achieve global best, each of us has to aim beyond ordinary. So go for brilliance, go for stretch. Demand more from yourself and from your colleagues. Challenge and be challenged.

think wider

Think wider

Every decision we make impacts on a bigger picture. So make every decision the right decision; think wider about each decision’s effect on the project, on other people, on our ultimate goal. This is key to ‘navigation’.

work together

Work together

Greatness is rarely a solo effort and it never can be in our business. We work together to achieve a shared purpose with our colleagues, our partners and our customers. We each bring distinct and essential strengths. More is definitely more. Each deserves respect.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do