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An appetite to disrupt

  • Ocado saw they could disrupt their market if they could get groceries to customers faster than competitors
  • Their solution was the Ocado Smart Platform with a "swarm" of robots picking groceries on a grid-like structure far quicker than humanly possible
  • Ocado Partnered with Tharsus to take these robots into successful manufacture
  • Our partnership continues - with Ocado achieving global success with its own business and sales of its technology to others


Small Robot Company
  • SRC sought a partner to commercialise its game-changing robot
  • The Tharsus team acted as an extension of SRC – sharing their strong vision and delivering the tech, reliability and quality needed to achieve SRC’s commercial goals
  • We used our capability to tackle complex problems and overcome tough challenges to deliver market disrupting commercial success
  • Complex robotics delivered fast and to a high standard

Talk about a revolution

  • In 2009 the UK was on the brink of revolution
  • It was called Broadband - problem was rollout simply couldn't meet demand
  • BT asked us if we could help
  • Our solution for them was two fold. 
    1. Rapid Action Cable Support System
    2. Office Process Function

The new force in parts cleaning

  • Safetykleen identified a gap in the market for an industrial parts cleaning service
  • Existing technology was too complex, too unreliable and too expensive
  • Our Value Added Manufacturing delivered Jetkleen - a machine with the tech, reliability and quality it need to achieve Safetykleen's commercial goals 
  • Jetkleen delivered fast and absolute market domination
Strategic Machine

More than a post-it note maker

  • 3M saw an opportunity to use their own tracking tech to disrupt a new market sector
  • They approached us with their prototype
  • With them we improved the technology integration and functionality of the end product
  • We also applied our OEDM expertise to shape the design around more efficient manufacture
Technology integration

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