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What makes your area special to customers

The Business Development (or BD) team is usually the first contact you have with Tharsus. So it’s very important we get things off on the right foot. 

First of all, we’re very approachable. And we don’t do jargon. Your whole journey with Tharsus is based on collaboration, so it’s our job to make sure we understand each other from the outset.  

Next we listen carefully to you to understand exactly what you need. Then we identify and assemble the right people here to get you started on the way to a successful product.

We’re quite niche as a BD team as we have a high level of technical knowledge ourselves, so we virtually start on your product with you before other colleagues join in. The prompter and more efficient the start within the business the sooner you’ll have a real product delivering competitive advantage back to you.


What are you aiming for your team to become?

We want to continue to grow our technical and product knowledge as well as our pool of industry insight to become the go-to people in the world you can talk to, to discuss your idea for a disruptive new product. Not just from a technological perspective either. We want to be your commercial adviser too - our deep understanding of global economic- and mega-trends informing you earliest commercial decisions for your product.

We want to be your expert facilitators finding newer, better ways to get your product started on its journey. Also, we want to become as good as we can be at getting our message out there. We’re here to help and we want to work with you.

Our people

Our people are the heart of everything we do