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By delivering outstanding outcomes for our customers, we help them take giant leaps forward.

It is through our proprietary approach – the Key, that we are able to deliver outstanding outcomes. 

This approach ensures the right resources and people are focussed on the right things at the right time. Our process starts with robust commercial needs assessment, through technology exploration and diligent design, leading to manufacture.

It’s the ‘key’ to helping business make progress enabling customers to have clarity of project status, outcomes and deliverables.

The Key


Ideas or features which might add some value but aren’t critical to your success. Not side-tracked by these, we can focus on what we call your Minimum Viable Launch Product, or MVLP.

  • Targeting an MVLP reduces development time, cost and risk.
  • Wants may become your Needs in your next generation product.

Test Ideas:

Rapid testing in rigs, mules, simulations and modelling quickly establishes whether an idea might work or not.

  • Results feedback into the ideas generation activity to inform creativity and refinement.
  • It is crucial to keep focus on the core concern and not to be distracted by secondary issues.

Generate Ideas:

Creating the technical essence of your product and its long-term competitive advantage.

  • Key to success here is our unbounded inquisitiveness, creativity and passion for simplicity.
  • Our extensive “like minded” network also provides ideas and technology from around the world.

Product Spec:

Your entitlement to a commercial successful product is crystallised at this milestone. All the key technical elements and critical success factors are defined with evidenced confidence.

  • This milestone output gives us and you shared clarity on what needs to happen to deliver your product.
  • Factors to ensure commercial success can include pricing model, field support approach and the balance of capex vs operating costs.

Design & Pilot:

This is the hard work of designing the detail of the product and preparing it for successful manufacture.

  • Your product is designed by a team who are grounded in the real world of manufacturing and are focussed on commercial success not just the cleverness of a design.
  • Pilot is the transition from a prototype design into a proven manufacturing system of suppliers, processes and controls that ensures repeatable delivery every time.

Manufacturing Data Set:

This is the finalised documentation pack that defines how your product is consistently and reliably made, tested and shipped.

  • Not just the parts listings and detailed assembly process instructions but the intricate details of every aspect from supplier controls through to shipping methods and packaging.
  • Fully inclusive of all the control plans and factory testing details to manage and control ongoing production.

Market Understanding:

True understanding of how customers will use your product can only come once you actually have it in the market. Your 1st product must focus on the critical needs that create competitive advantage.

  • Overthinking at the start what the customers might want adds risks, and rarely brings benefits.
  • Once your 1st generation product reaches market, true insight can be collected and used to define a 2nd generation machine.