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With a clear view of “success” from the commercial strategy, we next explore all the potential ways to deliver the success. In this we focus only on the elements of the solution that can deliver long term competitive advantage - ensuring innovative and efficient use of technology. This can involve cross-sector searching and creative integration of existing solutions. If necessary we can do principle creation and concept development. We do not restrict ourselves in this process and will hunt the world for ideas and technology that we can craft or evolve to novel solutions.

Talk to us. We've a lot of experience bringing new products to market successfully. The length of our experience, depth of our talent pool and extensive networks across industry and academia, mean we know of a lot of possibilities and technologies which the wider public aren't necessarily aware of. No conversation is wasted - give us a call.

Having clarity on the commercial goals which you and your product are setting out to achieve is vital. It informs every part of the project, and by keeping focus on it, we generate project drumbeat which keeps up momentum from start through to delivery. 

Product Design

Yes. Within reason. Our multi-disciplinary team has a broad range of design capabilities which can be deployed in any new product introduction process. 

In short we start with the problem. By properly understanding the problem you want to solve, we can decide what data we need to collect and what we need to do with that data to translate it into a solution for your problem. Once we know this, then we can decide which digital technologies we need to apply.

Our product design services are part of our wider offer. Our OEDM business model means that we work all the way from design, through prototype to volume manufacture of our customers' products.

Truly disruptive innovation enables a new product to completely change the marketplace it is in. A good example of this is Ocado's Smart Grid.

Traditionally product design and manufacture are delivered as separate processes by different organisations. This is risky as there is generally little or no dialogue between them. Nobody has shared ownership of the product's success. Our OEDM model brings both under one roof, removing risk and making the whole process quicker and more efficient.


It varies from product to product depending on its complexity. It's something we build into our thinking and envision with customers at an early stage in the development process. 

The Strategic Machines we create for our customers have to be exceptionally competitive. One you disrupt a market, then you’ve got to stay disruptive to keep your advantage. And that means constantly improving and evolving your Strategic Machine to stay ahead. And constant change would cause traditional manufacturing processes to fall over. 

So this is where Agile Manufacturing comes in. Effectively it’s a methodology entirely geared to delivering changing customer and product needs quickly, while maintaining a very high standard of quality and cost control.   

The key enabler of Agile Manufacture is specialist support technology which allows everybody involved in the production process to share a common database of parts and data on production capabilities. Our own Value Added Manufacturing is Agile.

It's an important part of the manufacturing process. Essentially at each predefined stage of it, the product must be successfully tested to exacting standards before it passes to the next one.  


Not necessarily. Every product is different and our team approach each according to its individual needs and the goals it seeks to achieve. 

There are lots of ways this can work. So let’s take a simple example. Digital technology can gather data from a machine in operation via sensors, optimise the efficiency of this operation via algorithms or both.

Product development is a challenging process. Your navigator will work with you to avoid the pitfalls and to help you to make the best decisions for your product to ensure commercial success for you and it. 

Data Analytics

To give you a typical example. We'd gather motion data using IoT devices from shop floor employees. This feeds into machine learning algorithms to drive improvements in productivity, and the work environment. We can use this previously unseen insight to help a customer optimise the way they work, making substantial cost savings for them. 

Data Scientists build platforms which analyse raw input data then automate useful or informative outputs to our data analysts and customers.  

The way we work

OEDM or Original Equipment Design and Manufacture is our unique model through which we both design and manufacture products for customers under one roof using one extended multi disciplinary team. This is much less risky and far more efficient than the traditional model of new product development, where the individual elements of the design and manufacture process are handled by separate organisations who by definition don't have a shared interest in your product's success. 

The Key encapsulates the way we work. It is the process Tharsus takes to navigate our customers from initial idea to scale manufacture and commercial success.  

The Sharkfin is a representation of how customers, suppliers and everyone in Tharsus come together and work as one cohesive unit to deliver a successful product. It allows everybody to understand who precisely is involved from each side during every stage. 

Here at Tharsus we’ve developed our own approach to quality. We call it the Tharsus Management System or TMS. Our TMS is uniquely designed to manage, maintain and refine our business strategy, execution, processes, controls and performance to deliver our products and services with a consistent level of excellence. Unlike a conventional system, TMS governs all of our activities within the product development strategy, rather than some of them. It’s embedded in our culture and aligned to our business strategy. It isn’t something we refer to. It’s in everything we do. 

It brings our DNA to life – essentially what makes Tharsus, Tharsus, and rolls this into everything we do for our customers and how we do it.


Cost depends on anything from the size of the project and the level of complexity involved to the time scales and the number of people required to find a solution for your identified objectives. Once we begin discussions and understand more about what you want to achieve, we can assess the requirements of your individual project and give you an estimate of costs involved.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property or IP is something which is generated by creativity. In our customers' case it is a technological solution created to deliver their idea successfully. Because our customers have the initial idea we feel that they should retain all IP rights in the solution. 

Our people and recruitment

A business like Tharsus needs a very broad cross sector talent pool to deliver our unique offer to our customers. From engineers to data analysts, manufacturers to accountants, admin staff to HR. If you think you can contribute to our success, we'd like to hear from you. 

Timing in the recruitment process depends on the type of vacancy we are recruiting for. Our recruitment team will explain timescales for the specific role you're applying for at the start of your conversation with them. 

We’re always on the look out for talented people to join the team. We pride ourselves in offering unrivalled training and development opportunities which will give you the best start to your career. You can find out more and content a member of our HR team via our careers website.

Life at Tharsus gives you lots of scope to progress and develop your skills. But there's so much more. Our employee committee is dedicated in making Tharsus a great place to work. Here's a few things we offer our people: 

  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Lift share scheme
  • 25 days annual leave PLUS bank holidays PLUS you don't have to work on your birthday
  • Annual leave purchase scheme
  • Team and family days out