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Agricultural Technology, or agritech, is driving the future of food production. Agritech makes the farming process more efficient through the application of technology within both arable farming, and pastoral farming practices. The need for agritech is driven by food demand and labour shortages, including the recent geopolitical challenges brought about by Covid-19 and Brexit.

At Tharsus, we have multi-disciplined mechanical and control design engineers with experience in using existing technologies or creating new technologies to develop precision agricultural robots.

Increasingly, the need for efficiency is enhanced by data-driven and software based digital technologies. Digital technology can be applied to agricultural practices to drive efficiency and drive down costs.

In arable farming, we have been a part of creating the robotic technology which can be deployed to monitor, treat and plant in fields by autonomous agricultural robots. The effect of this is digitalising a traditional industry by creating a digital twin using agricultural robots. This results in reducing labour costs, decreasing food waste and increase yields.