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Companies must act urgently to protect people in their workplace. Bump helps you do that.

Bump helps people and businesses make safer decisions in the workplace. It puts people in control of their environment, helping organisations create safer movement flows and identify risks.

Team members wear a Bump device that alerts them when someone else is too close. Bump uses smart reminders to prompt people to clean their hands regularly with Bump-enabled sanitisers.

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What is Bump?

Bump is a Personal Motion System that helps change and improve personal distance behaviour immediately and long-term.

It uses tried and tested radio frequency technology to alert people instantly when they’re too close. It’s peer-to-peer, GDPR-compliant and allows wearers and site managers to access the whole system’s analytics in the cloud.

Why it's different

There’s nothing else like it on the market. Bump is an original product not another re-purposed tracker. Bump is different from mobile apps because it’s real-time and preventative; mobile apps only work retrospectively by tracing post-event contacts. 

Our innovative Strategic Machines solve automation challenges based on insights into how people interact in the workplace. We put people at the heart of Bump.

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Actionable insights

Discover how behaviour change can improve your business.


No complicated installation - a quick tutorial and you’re up and running.

Complete transparency

Wearers can see and hear every time there’s an alert and are able to see their own data online.

Flexible and scalable

Adapts to your building layout and expands for large-scale operations.

The System

Bump is much more than a wearable. It’s a complete software and hardware system with everything a business needs to give teams control over their personal distance and hand sanitising. It can be customised to suit complex building layouts and works across multiple floors.

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