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We do this by designing and building Strategic Machines that transform performance and create new opportunity.

We’re a team of innovators, engineers and problem solvers, pushing boundaries in partnership. Where others see impossible, we see opportunity. Where others see problems, we see problems worth solving. Where others see a job, we see a calling. What we do matters.

By delivering outstanding outcomes for our customers, we help them take giant leaps forward. Together, we engineer progress.

The right Strategic Machine helps businesses tackle people and resource scarcity, environmental challenges, changing consumer behaviour, disruptive competitors and technologies.

Key features of our approach

  • Tough commercial focus
  • Technology strategy and integration
  • Customer navigation
  • Partnership
  • Added value manufacturing
  • Design
  • Supply chain leadership

Customers are usually at one of three stages when they approach us:

  • When they want to explore how technology can help their business
  • When they have a specific idea they want to develop
  • When they have a prototype and need to move into full scale production

Process stages diagram


The high calibre of our people and our unique business and process models, have seen us win extensive recognition. Most recently: 

  • Business Hero of the Year 2020 – Chamber of Commerce
  • President’s Award for Pandemic Service 2020 – Royal Academy of Engineering 
  • Runner Up - Manufacturing Matters - Make UK 2020
  • Winner - Employer of the Year - The Chamber Business Awards 2020
  • Listed #74 - Fastest Growing Private Technology Companies - Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100
  • Winner - Young Manufacturer 2019 - The Manufacturer MX Awards
  • Listed #135 - Top North East Companies -The Journal Top 200
  • Winner - Company of the Year 2019 - North East Business Awards  


Talk to us. We've a lot of experience bringing new products to market successfully. The length of our experience, depth of our talent pool and extensive networks across industry and academia, mean we know of a lot of possibilities and technologies which the wider public aren't necessarily aware of. No conversation is wasted - give us a call.

Intellectual Property or IP is something which is generated by creativity. In our customers' case it is a technological solution created to deliver their idea successfully. Because our customers have the initial idea we feel that they should retain all IP rights in the solution. 

Our product design services are part of our wider offer. Our OEDM business model means that we work all the way from design, through prototype to volume manufacture of our customers' products.

Traditionally product design and manufacture are delivered as separate processes by different organisations. This is risky as there is generally little or no dialogue between them. Nobody has shared ownership of the product's success. Our OEDM model brings both under one roof, removing risk and making the whole process quicker and more efficient.